About ICAS International

ICAS Latina is the local branch of Icas International.

ICAS International was organized in the United Kingdom in 1987 and it is a global leader on Behavioral Risk Management. It provides services to more than 500 companies around the world. In South America, it started business in 2000. It provides its services to the leading companies in the region. In Latin America, ICAS was organized in Argentina in 2000 and it has developed and become a stable company in the region in a decade. We are world leaders providing Employee Assistance Programmes and Wellness Programmes.
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Our Point of View

"We are convinced that our values ​​can be explored and the scope of our Mission is not a utopia, even in difficult and changing situations and backgrounds."


Values: Excellence, innovation, respect and integrity are the pillars that govern our professional and commercial practice.


Become regional leaders providing reliable Employee Assistance Programmes to and developing wellness programmes for our customers’ workforce.


Promote welfare and productivity on our customers’ workforce.