Information Security Policy

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ICAS LATINA/MC CARE assumes the commitment on the necessary information security within the processes and activities for the advisory and orientation services to employees that it provides to its clients.
Emphasizing the importance of maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information, we commit to:
    • Continuously improve the Information Security Management System, through the participation and awareness of all our collaborators.
    • Comply with the information security requirements identified within the Management System and update them to best practices and technologies in order to prevent security incidents.
    • Select and maintain technology providers that adopt our safety culture and protocols and provide high levels of service compliance.
    • Provide a safe and reliable service for our clients and their employees, complying with all the applicable legal framework to protect the privacy and protection of personal data of all users of our services, the security requirements of our clients and the good practices on the subject.
This commitment is assumed by all of us who integrate Icas Latina / MC Care Company as part of our individual and collective performance.