Critical Incident

What is a Critical Incident?

We understand and call a critical incident any situation that occurs unexpectedly, abruptly or suddenly, where people's lives may be threatened or there was loss of human life. From an accident, an assault, a natural catastrophe or the sudden death of a collaborator are examples of the so-called Critical Incident.
  • Assaults in the workplace.
  • Sudden death or suicide of a co-worker.
  • Personal accidents.
  • Fire or explosions at work.
  • Violent attacks by customers or protesters.

Concrete actions: How do we follow a critical incident from ICAS Latina?

  • Advice to management immediately after the incident.
  • Immediate containment.
  • Structured and planned interventions within 72 hours of the incident.
  • Subsequent follow-up of the people involved.

Why is it important to intervene in the event of a critical incident?

Critical incidents often affect the organization's climate emotionally. The effects can be seen immediately, or sequelae can appear after a while. The Critical Incident Assistance service is a procedure that tends to prevent immediate and subsequent effects.

Results produced by Assistance in Critical Incidents:

For the organization:
  • Facilitates the recovery of the human work team.
  • Prevention of absenteeism.
  • Avoid loss of productivity.
  • Motivation is maintained.
  • Reinforcement of the image of the company, since it is present taking care of the care and ensuring the well-being of its staff.
For the employee:
  • Process of emotional impact.
  • Containment and professional orientation.
  • Prevention of post-traumatic stress that affects both your performance in the organization and your personal life.
  • Psychoeducation in Traumatic Events.
  • Their rapid emotional recovery is facilitated and accompanied.